Our company currently uses either Corel DrawX6 or Illustrator CS6. Files can be sent to us in Corel Draw file (CDR), Illustrator files (AI), EPS in PC format and PDF as long as all fonts are converted to outlines. Click on the following link to know more about File preparation for print.


There are 2 types of graphic files, VECTOR & BITMAP.

BITMAP Graphics: Bitmap images include the following file extensions:   BMP, Gif, JPG, PICT, TIFF, etc.

Bitmaps are a collection of bits (pixels) that form an image, it is nothing more than thousands (or millions) of pixels arranged to create an image. To the left you can see that the tree leaves enlarged are rows and rows of pixels.   A logo in a bitmap format is limited to its resolution - the larger the image increases the worse it will look. When you stretch or resize a bitmap image you are increasing the quantity of pixels, and as this happens the pixels just adopt randomly what colour they will be based on the other pixels surrounding them.

Bitmap images CANNOT be printed in spot colour (one ink for each colour). When you print a logo that appears to be 2 colours but is in bitmap format, you cannot separate the colours because what appears to be a solid colour actually are thousands of square pixels leaving jagged lines and edges.

VECTOR Graphics: Vector images include the following file extensions: EPS, AI, CDR, PDF

file:///C:/Users/Karim/Desktop/Vector%20Graphic.jpgvector image
Rather than using a grid of pixels to create the image, vector files use a series of points and join these points to create smooth lines and curves. Instead of pixels to represent an image, a vector drawing application draws shapes which can be independently manipulated. The objects are resolution-independent, meaning that they can be resized and not lose any clarity.

                                                                                                                                      Vector Graphics can be easily colour separated, which is a must, in the spot-colour printing industry.                            Like is the followinghis example, each colour is taken to create a separate plate for printing





The industry’s standard applications for creating Vector Graphics are either Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.  If you are unable to locate the files in your office, the logo design company that originally developed your logo would be the first place to contact. Also, if your company has previously had any promotional items printed, such as business cards, letterhead etc, then promotional company who supplied you with this material should have an EPS file.

Using an image from a client’s website is not an option because images created for the web are generally bitmap images as they do not have to be print quality, only screen quality. Your computer screen displays in low resolution pixels.

If you are still unable to locate the Vector file, SIGNVISIONS has graphic services that can help you re-create your logo in Vector format.




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